Goodbye, Xanga.

When it comes to technology – I’m what is described as a “Laggard”.

7 years ago after a speaking engagement at University of Maryland, a student approached me and said, “You’ve got to get a Xanga blog – everyone has one”.

So I got one and all was dandy.  I felt what Ed Norton’s character in ‘Fight Club’ did when he purchased his ideal couch — that he’d solved ‘that couch problem’ in his life and didn’t have to ever worry about it.  And I’d solved ‘that blog problem’ in mine.

Flash forward to a month ago and I’m speaking at The University of the Pacific — a student (who was once a Xanga reader of mine) said, “You should update your blog with Blog Spot or WordPress.”

I put my foot down.

After all, I’d over 7 years of content on Xanga!  Did it matter what site the blog entries were being read on?  Was the font on other services far superior?!  I’d be damned if I wasn’t going to stay loyal to Xanga even though I had no idea why the hell it was pronounced with a Z!!

She politely nodded (as one might to a crazy, old person) and said,

“Well, it’s kinda like MySpace.  You could friend the same people… but which do people use?”


So here it is.

The new one.

I’m probably already too late and something new is already on the horizon that I’ll consider using in 2018.

But it seems nice here.  Very clean and uncluttered.  Very Apple.

Maybe I’ll stay.  I dunno.  Whatever.  Who cares?

Man, I’ve grown a lot grumpier these past 7 years.


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