My John Hughes Tour

Pause button on the “Yes, We’re Open” entries, because — the “Home Alone” house is now for sale!

Only $2.4 Mil!  Check out the video listing here.

The first two films in the franchise are amongst my favorite Christmas movies of all time.

So when I saw the listing yesterday, it made me dig up and finally edit the footage I shot of a mini-John Hughes (the late writer of the franchise) tour I created during a Chicago trip in Nov 2008.

The Back Story:

I was scheduled to speak at Northwestern University in Evanston, Il. and knew the “Home Alone” house was somewhere nearby.

In fact, it turned out to only be 20 minutes away in the city of Winnetka, Il.

And in doing more research, I discovered that Hughes shot several other of his films in the neighboring suburbs.

So I loaded up the GPS with all the locations and tried to hit as many as I could before my talk that evening.

I originally intended to shoot this footage for my daughters, as I figured they’re going to eventually see all of these movies — but wound up having a blast reliving the actual locations of these films growing up.  See if you can recognize the places before they’re revealed.

And can anyone lend me $2.4 Million?

PS: If you’ve never read this post John Hughes’ pen pal wrote the day after finding out he passed away, you should.  It’s beautiful.  It reveals insight into the mind that spoke to a generation and why he ultimately left the business.


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