YWO – Part 2 – MacGyver’n it

Continuing with the further adventures of YWO – PART 1…

When I have a lot of dialogue/different scenes, I need to write everything down by hand.

Since I can only read the material as fast as I can write it, the tedious process forces the words to really sink in and think about my choices.

With YWO being the most dialogue I’ve ever had in any one project, by the time I’d gotten through the first 5 pages in the script, my hand was sooo cramped.

Also having it written chronologically and in one place helps give me a quick visual reminder of what has just happened before and after the scene we’re currently shooting (helpful when shooting out of order).  Plus it’s extremely gratifying crossing out scenes as you’ve shot them like a giant “To Do” list.

In the end, it wound up being 25-hand written pages for 64 scenes.

Now during the workout regiment, there was a hiccup.

The hotel that I was staying at — had no gym.

So the daily routine switched to pullups/pushups/crunches/jumping jacks in the room and running in the hills of SF.  I also made use of the room’s 20 lb lamp as a makeshift dumbbell.

I came up with about 5 different exercises with it (bicep and straight arm curls, behind the head for tricep extensions, etc) and at one point had it on my chest as I was doing sit ups.

It looked pretty ridiculous.

But I was really sweating (probably because I was utilizing muscle receptors I’ve never used to balance the top heaviness of the lamp).  Definitely no workout plateau here.

Other instances where ingenuity had to prevail was when voice over auditions would come through.  As mentioned in this post, I always travel with a mic so I never have to miss a V.O. audition no matter where I am in the country/world.

However, I needed to construct a sound booth in the room out of pillows and blankets to cut out any extraneous noises from the street and the cleaning crew in the hallways.  Also it allowed me to yell and do my thing whilst not disturbing the other guests.

Then I simply held my iPhone behind the mic that contained my script and laid down the tracks one by one.

One really cute result from the whole Skype tutorial from Lynn was that I was able to ‘talk’ Avery through on how to call me via Skype.

So the 3 weeks away weren’t so bad as the girls were able to Skype me whenever I was in my room (although it took Kori a while to realize that an actual telephone wasn’t required during the session).


3 thoughts on “YWO – Part 2 – MacGyver’n it

  1. Thanks for sharing this!

    Your daughters are adorable, BTW! Skype is awesome for helping families stay in touch. One win for technology.

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