YWO – Part 3 – The Clothes

While Lynn was able to score a lot of great grub for the shoot via her blog, Jerry Ma from Epic Proportions Art & Design helped “Luke” with his ‘at home’ casual look.




Here’s where you can get outfitted like “Luke” and find other clothes he would’ve worn!

One huge misstep was underestimating the SF night air — it’s freakin’ freezing!

And then I made the “character choice” in this scene to have my jacket unzipped and therefore had to keep it that way to maintain continuity throughout the entire night.

Stupid.  Stupid.  Stupid.

Loot at how miserable I look.

Look at how miserable Lynn looks — and she’s bundled up!

The night was stretched out even longer with people on the street ruining takes by looking into the camera, panhandlers trying to get some screen time and… me — forgetting to UNZIP my jacket (trying to warm up between takes).

Making literally one of the best takes of the night totally unusable — AGH!  Rookie.

These pals are my secret weapon for shooting in cold weather – meet Mr. Long Underwear and a Ms. Thinsulate Jacket Liner with a low scoop collar that can’t be seen underneath anything.  The combo worked like a charm when I shot HATCHET II in the Louisiana Bayou.

But this time they were in my closet at home just hangin’ out.

Finally somebody took pity on me and I wound up looking like this for the last hour between takes.

 I felt like a pansy.  But I didn’t care.

Our costumer, Irene, was great.  All the dressy outfits she found for my character were way more hip than me.

I tried to rock this look as effortlessly as Dante Basco does… but ultimately the scarf was nixed.

Please instruct me on how you reign in the scarf’s puffiness and have it drape around the neck with the grace akin to an ascot without looking like a Hong Kong Pop Star.

How Dante?



3 thoughts on “YWO – Part 3 – The Clothes

  1. HAHAHA! Oh man…I felt soooooo bad that night. Being chubby and bundled up and all. Oh, and I remember that take–it was solid..minus the zipped jacket…womp! And you looked fine with that scarf man, you looked like a legit San Franciscan. Shame they nixed it.

    I’ll be getting around to my blog entries about this project–I’m still stoked! But bummed I didn’t take more photos. Oh well. I’ll keep you updated. I’ll most likely be referencing links to your blog and Lynn’s. Miss ya man, I hope all is well.

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