We’ve been playing a new game in the house called “SPOT IT!

It’s insanely simple, yet can be maddeningly frustrating at times.

Each person gets a card (or a stack of cards) and whoever SPOTS the matching item wins (by either collecting or giving away a card – there are 4 variations).

Let’s play a practice game right now!

Okay — pick a LEFT or RIGHT side.

Got it?

Now whatever side you choose, that will be your “card”.

See how fast you can ‘SPOT‘ the match on the opposite card.



Now try this!

And how about this?

There is always ONE match.

It gets harder when there are more players because the pressure’s on (once you spot the match, you give your card to the person with the match in one variation to get rid of all your cards.)

Several times you will find yourself thinking, “There isn’t a match”  and then when you finally ‘see‘ it under your nose the entire time — you’ll feel like an idiot.

But I suppose that’s better than having wholesome fun, racially profiling with the entire family.


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