‘Asian Tech Guy’ Toy

My kids and I attended a 3-yr old’s birthday party this weekend and an action figure at the house caught my eye.

There was a somewhat wide cross-section in terms of representation/occupations — but check out the Asian Guy in front.

What the heck, man?  The I.T. Tech Guy?!

As those who’ve been to my college workshops/lectures know, this is a topic that I touch upon having once auditioned 5 times in a month for 5 different characters on 5 different pilots, but all generally described as:

Office I.T. guy, nerdy and shy.  Awkward around women.  However has the ability to access information with lightning speed” or “fiercely intelligent (a nerd, even), and asexual” 

 Geez — how’s an Asian Brotha supposed to combat that image when toddlers are already forming their impressions Pre-K?!

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