I’m Lovin’ it.

A week before I started Yes, We’re Open, I booked a McDonald’s commercial that is currently playing on Asian Channels.

The audition called for someone who: ‘can do awesome dance moves OR who can make great sense of physical comedy‘.  So of course I went in and showed off my most awesomest moves — and was invited to play.

Once on set, I picked up fairly quickly that I was the only person without any professional dance experience. That was further confirmed when the director said during a take, “Okay, for this shot – Parry, you’ll do your funny dance.”

Mock-insulted, I replied, “‘Funny Dance’, ‘Funny Dance’?! Does this look funny to you?!” (as I gave a sample of my ‘invisible box’ move, that wound up in the commercial – so apparently the answer to that rhetorical question was a resounding “yes”).

I was actually pretty hungry during the shoot, so I opted to swallow the bite I took on each take — much to the chagrin of the guy holding the spit bucket. Then for the closeups, I did a series of 5 in a row, where I ate the entire thing. It was a nice surprise the times I’d get a nice warm, crunchy one.

In total I ate about 15 whole nuggets by the end of the day.

All in all — it was an easy, fun shoot with a great group of people (L-R: Constance Wu, ‘Funny’ Dancer Guy, Samantha Cutaran, Nikki Tuazon, Vinh Bui).

But to me, the most fascinating part — was the food shots.

Zooming in on the hand, dipping it so the sauce is just about to overflow over the sides, then pulling it up to get a nice, healthy sauce drip coming off the nugget and towards camera. I felt like a hand model.

Unfortunately my dip didn’t make the cut — that’s Samantha’s amazing dip shot in the commercial.

See? Look at her off camera — carefully planning out her angle of attack with backup nuggets at the ready.

I did it all nilly-willy and that’s why I’m on the cutting room floor. It’s all in the preparation, people!!

BONUS VIDEO: Here it is in Tagalog!


11 thoughts on “I’m Lovin’ it.

      • I’ve seen this on the Cantonese and Mandarin channels when I was visiting San Francisco. Now I want some nuggets.

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  2. It was awesome seeing this commercial with you and Sam! I was the one that sent her the Tagalog version 🙂 she’s my bf’s sis.

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