Makin’ Paper

I  recently received this in the mail.

Usually residual checks are labeled when an episode re-ran or are marked “DVD” or “Cable TV”, etc.  So seeing this pink sheet breaking down the residuals from each project per country happens only once or twice a year.

Besides revealing the tens and tens of dollars I made from my work showing in 6 different countries around the world, there are some interesting details that jumped out at me:

1) All of Sweden got to witness my contributions on “Without A Trace” for the bargain price of .33 cents — which exactly covers 1/3 of a .99 cent breakfast at IKEA.


2) Apparently no one abroad is interested in anything produced after 2005.


One thought on “Makin’ Paper

  1. just curious…what is the organization in charge of tracking and administering all this? Seems like an epic task.

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