It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…


I’ll be taking part in East West Player’s Summer Reading Series for works in progress on stage this Saturday, August 13th at 8pm.

I’ll be portraying MARGINAL MAN An Asian American Superhero that derives superhuman strength from being perpetually marginalized and is the Keeper of the Yellow Light.

So swing on by Southern Cali peeps to — 120 Judge John Aiso St. – if you’re free to check out this hilarious new work by Richard Kim.

At first, the color configuration of the text boxes in the flyer above seemed oddly familiar until I realized… duh.

Guess I associate all things superhero with: green, white and red — that or I’ve got a subliminal thing for the Italian Flag.

YWO KS Update: It’s been only 5 days into the “Yes, We’re Open” Kickstarter and as Bon Jovi sang, “…We’re (OVER) halfway there!”

A big ‘thank you‘ to everyone’s help in getting this amazing project towards completion and coming along for the ride!

Hopefully this amazing surge out the gates lines YWO to be in a stronger position to exceed the initial minimum request like Kickstarter successes: C-Loop and Womanthology (here’s a great blog reaction from Womanthology’s creator on being 430%+ funded) — with the extra funds used to cover the endless expenses the film will incur with marketing, promotions and festival fees.


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