ADR stands for “Additional Dialogue Replacement” – or also known as ‘looping‘ or ‘dubbing‘.  And whether it’s done to hide an overhead airplane, traffic, wind, add another line off screen or replace a mumbled word… with almost every project, it needs to be done.  And ‘Yes, We’re Open‘, is no different.

However with the Director Rich Wong being in SF and me in LA — enter my home recording studio to the rescue!

But real recording studios communicate through a ‘phone patch‘, where the person on the other line can hear the audio/takes directly from the mic and vice versa into the actor’s headphones.

However here in the SHEN STUDIO, we don’t believe in all that expensive, fancy-schmancy gear (nor can we afford it) — so we simply hold up a cordless phone to communicate.  Bam.  How you like dat?

Towards the end, there was a potential snag.  One scene took place in the shower and we needed to match the ‘echoey-ness’ of the bathroom we shot in.  So the isolated padding of the booth just would not do.

Solution?  Break it down ‘mobile-style‘ and into the shower!

During playback I noticed the mic was picking up the clicks and hums from the laptop being too close — so a small tweak.

45 minutes to combine the takes, label them, email them off… and we’re done.

And believe you me, if I weren’t planning on taking photos of this process for a blog post — this ADR session would’ve been entirely done while wearing nothin’ but my boxers.

The ‘perks’ of working from home, right?

YWO Kickstarter Update:

We made it!  Thank you ALL!  Now if we could somehow pull off what this guy managed to do with his KS.  🙂


5 thoughts on “D.I.Y. ADR

  1. Haha, “see what working from home affords him?” — on point.

    What a fun read. Glad we were able to wrap that up this week. As for that guy’s KS, I remember thinking (what everyone was probably thinking), “how the hell…?!”

  2. did you have to do any sex scene ADR? i did, in CQ’s apt., and i felt really bad for him having to face his neighbors…

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