“Buried Alive”

Before YouTube, there was a sketch comedy show in 2004 I did called, “Asia Street Comedy”.  This aired for the now defunct AZN Television Channel that showed original programming geared towards Asian Americans in America.

There were many funny sketches and a lot of great people were involved like Ken Jeong (then known only as “Dr. Ken”), Suzy Nakamura, Bobby Lee and Randall Park.

But “Buried Alive” was my favorite sketch.  Not necessarily for the way it turned out but I will NEVER forget how hard it was for Aaron and I to keep a straight face being that close to each other.

Especially during lines like, “Ohh, your body feels good!”

I felt so bad for our director, Kevin Kataoka messing up take, after take, after take.  It was very Tim Conway/Harvey Korman, except neither one of us were Tim Conway or Harvey Korman.  But at least we had fun.

Here, Aaron (MARK) and I (JOHN) were playing henchmen who are buried alive after killing off our mob boss.  The whole thing is ‘documented’ for the reality show aptly titled, “Buried Alive” — where the last one left buried alive, is deemed the winner.

Fun Tidbits:

1) We literally had ONE piece of wood to pull off the illusion of being inside a coffin.  When the camera flipped to each actor’s coverage, the wooden board was placed behind him.

2)  Aaron had the tougher job.  Being on ‘top’, he had to ‘plank’ me the entire time while I just laid there — hence giving him a massive abdominal workout during the entire shoot.

3) We improvised some wild-lines to dub over the footage as the camera pulled out the coffin and over the dirt.  One fun exchange that actually made it at the end as the credits rolled —

             JOHN: Hmm, I spy something that starts with “C”…

             MARK: COFFIN!!

             JOHN: Dammit!!  Alright, how about this?   I spy something that starts with…

             MARK: COFFIN!!

             JOHN: Man, you’re good !

Too bad the ratings weren’t there because it was a fun gig and very empowering to come up with your own sketches and give input on your ‘own’ show.

Perhaps if the timing was right, these sketches might’ve found a home on the inter-webs as FreddieW,  WongFu Productions, NigaHiga, KevJumbaJust Kidding Films has.

Hopefully, I can dig up some more ASC clips in the future.


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