Yes, We’re Open (Part Duex)

This past Sunday, the “YES, WE’RE OPEN” crew reunited in Southern Cali for a few pick-up shots.

Upon seeing the completed version of the film, the director and producer found a few areas that would benefit from a couple extra scenes here and there.  That’s moviemaking — inspiration and revelations sometimes just pop up at the last second and you either switch gears to make it happen or you don’t.

So there was another bedroom scene.

Where somehow this guy wound up being utilized… and I’ll just leave things at that (or at least for the DVD commentary).

And a dinner scene.

Lynn and I were treated throughout the day to a few clips of the movie, which really looked amazing and hilarious.  The performances, timing and editing were so on point from everyone involved.

And while they had us, we also shot a few possibilities for the theatrical poster and promotional materials.

Even though we’ve reached our initial KickStarter goal of $10,000 (amazingly in the first 10 days), these pick-ups were a very unexpected hiccup in the production’s budget albeit much needed.

So there’s still a little over a week to make a pledge towards our  YWO KickStarter if you haven’t already, in order to help our investors breathe a little easier because… socks cost money.

Even if you only use just one.


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