Back in The Booth & in The ‘Stache

Back in April ’09, I got onboard a video game rebooting Activion’s True Crime series titled, “True Crime: Hong Kong.

For the next 12 months, I would be called in every so often to record more dialogue and/or do motion capture for the character.

The little ‘balls’ on my suit were tracked by the cameras on the grid (the red lights) while I wore a helmet outfitted with a mini-camera and microphone.

The game was nearly completed… however, in Feb 2011 a big announcement dropped — Activision was canceling their Guitar Hero line.  ‘Oh well’, right?

However,  waaaaay down in the 6th paragraph was this ‘lil statement:


I heard this is how most people on the game (programmers and performers) found out they’d no longer be working on “True Crime: Hong Kong“.  I know it was for me.

But I think it’s akin to when you hear actors discovering their TV shows have been canceled after reading about it in the trades.

Then lo and behold…  6 months later — developer Square Enix decided to pickup the game and release it under their banner.  The only difference is that the game will most likely be released under a different name as Square Enix didn’t purchase the “True Crime” naming rights.

So last week, I got the call to hop back into the booth — and finish off this puppy!

The big ‘ole mic attached to my head allowed me to move around while pretending to dodge bullet fire, shoot and yell at people in Cantonese — whilst still maintaining a clean audio track.

The sessions took place at PCB Studios, the folks responsible for the popular, “Call of Duty: Black Ops“.

My lines were displayed on the plasma screen while the director communicated & monitored the session on the laptop via Skype from Vancouver.

Here’s the view from the Sound Engineer’s point of view — where he organized the takes for later editing.

After a few hours of intense shouting — I immediately went to the candy dish that was stocked full of these throat lozenges to repair my vocal chords.

Then at home, I was greeted with more “battle intense” voice-over auditions for other video games from the booth at home — so had to pop in more magical lozenges.

By the next day, my inflamed nodules were back to normaljust in time to do some on-camera dialogue for Adam Green’s new sitcom “HOLLISTON“, debuting on cable in Spring.

It’s been 3 years since the ‘stache was unleashed  for ‘”Fairy Tale Police“.

And that’s 3 damn years too long.


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