My 10 Favorite TV Theme Songs (with Lyrics)

I used to watch A LOT of television.

Probably a good 4 hours/day in middle school (after-school cartoons).  By High School, I’d upped it to 6-7 hours/day to ‘research’ the prime-time schedule and begin my homework around 11pm (don’t worry, still straight A’s).

Needless to say the ‘Outliers’ hours I put in, most definitely had some influence towards my current occupation.

However as an ancillary by-product, I have accumulated a wealth of theme songs in my head.

Over the next several entries, I’ll be breaking down my all-time favorites into 3 categories: TV Theme Songs (with lyrics), TV Instrumental Theme Songs, and Animated TV Theme Songs.

Today’s entry will focus on my — Top 10 Favorite TV Theme Songs that contain lyrics.

Now by no means will this list strike the fancy of everyone.  But if I found myself belting out or jamming along the song — it made the list.  Believe me, I considered the “Full House’s“, “Who’s the Boss’“, “Perfect Strangers’“, “Gimme a Break’s“, “The Jeffersons’“, “The Monkees’“, and “The Partridge Family’s“– but these wound up as my all-time favs.

Careful though, you may find a tune stuck in your head the rest of the day.

10.  ‘”WKRP in Cincinnati”  – Just mellow & chill.  And I always did find myself wondering ‘whatever became of ‘ whoever the singer was, when it’s mentioned.




9.  “The Greatest American Hero” – Oh, I believe ‘you’re walking on air’.  Indeed I do.  Well… maybe more like flailing on air.




8. “Family Ties” – It always blew my mind that guy painted the entire portrait during the opening song!




7. “The Facts of Life” – We all can relate to ‘when the world never seems to be livin’ up to our dreams‘.




6.”The Dukes of Hazzard” – My pal Ed Ackerman, recently revived my love for this song in this commercial.  And yes, he’s also one of the Captial One Visigoths.




5. “Cheers” – Just a beautiful, beautiful song.  Although I’m not sure implying the best way to ‘take a break from all your worries  by frequenting a watering hole so often that everyone in the entire establishment ‘knows your name‘ — is sending the best message.




4. “Diff’rent Strokes” – Song tells the whole story and it’s fun to sing along.




3. “Growing Pains” – Sharin’ the laughter n’ love… sharin’ the laughter n’ love.   Fun Tidbit: Actor, Alan Thicke sang the “Diff’rent Strokes” theme song above AND he wroteThe Facts of Life” song in the #7 spot.




2. “21 Jump Street” – Holly Robinson rocked out on this.  How cool is that — getting to sing over your OWN opening credits?!




1. “Laverne & Shirley” – I always felt this song really captured the fun and independent spirit of L&S.  As a child, I recalled being extremely bothered that Laverne purposely placed her glove on that bottle.  I would wonder if she ever got a replacement.  How did she explain it to her boss? Did she get fired?

Actually, I’m still a bit troubled to this day about it.


Honorable mentions go out to: “The Brandy Bunch“, “Wonder Woman“, “One Day At A Time“, “Happy Days“, and “The Fall Guy“.

Next entry… Top 10 instrumental TV Theme Songs.

Any not on this list, your all-time fav?


5 thoughts on “My 10 Favorite TV Theme Songs (with Lyrics)

  1. how weird – i was watching zooey d. on jay leno today talking about theme songs. she mentioned tv shows where they tell a story (gilligan’s island, etc.) and i realized i miss those…

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