Kermit and Me

I find it funny The Muppets are now making a comeback in theaters, because in my world — they’ve never left.

A few close friends know Kermit and I go back a long ways.

In college, I discovered a Kermit impersonation and it’s served me well (maybe someday I’ll sing “Rainbow Connection” as him).  For my media class assignments, I never hired other actors.  

I hired Kermit and “we” acted opposite one another.

He was Col. Nathan Jessep to my Lt. Kaffee in the “You Can’t Handle the Truth!” scene from “A Few Good Men“.  I shot a parody segment about the letter “P” and actually used the footage to lead off my old demo reel for several years.

Some may have seen this “Oh, Dear!” clip in a previous post of Avery playing with Kermit at 2.5 years old.

However, the video below is when she was first introduced to him 2 years prior — at 5 months old.

Backstory:  I liked to mock-tackle her (probably because she was the only person I was physically able to tackle).  Only this time, I had Kermit ‘run’ the play – but you’ll see how she eventually deals with the troublesome, green-felted amphibian.


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