Heidi Helen Davis – Update 2

Another ‘Heidi Update’ means another day she’s getting to spend with her family.  Man, it has been an incredible, humbling and emotional week.

3 days ago on Tuesday, this was her status from Howard Fine:

“Heidi is in hospice at her friends home. She is not conscious and is being kept alive by tube.  She is in her final hours.  Wish that I could give you better news.” 

Then word got out.  Messages were written, pleas were made thoughts were shared.   Then suddenly…

2 days ago on Wednesday, this was her status from Laura:

“Got a call from dear Heidi Helen Davis who is deeply grateful for everyone’s wishes and prayers and asks… that fervent energy go into the theatre…”

Then yesterday, this came from her brother, Bill:

“I spoke with Heidi’s son a few hours ago and he told me that she had a good day; pain free, conscious, and able to talk at great length with him.”

Sheer inner strength or the power of collective thinking?

Perhaps a little of both.

From her message on Wednesday, she obviously wants people to continue on with their lives — something I very quickly figured out for myself after forgetting to pick Avery up from school on Tuesday (oh stop, she’s fine — kids bounce back from that stuff) — but there’s no harm in letting our positive, mental engines rev a little bit each day for her.

Because who knows what else can happen?

With that said, it’s back to the theatre as ordered by Heidi.

So on Monday, Dec 12 — I’ll be doing a stage reading of “A Push or A Pull” at East West Players; 7:30pm sharp.  The play’s still being worked on, so it’ll just be the first two acts.

Does anyone even need to ask who I’m planning to dedicate the reading to?

Please keep those engines revving. 


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