Method to the Madness

Happy (Lunar) New Year!

I don’t really begin my ‘new’ year based on the Lunar cycle.  It’s pretty much a coincidence that allows me to use that phrase after procrastinating 23 days from blogging since the start of 2012.

A whirlwind of projects have come through this month.  Some new, some revived and some almost forgotten that’ve reared their heads.

First, was a business trip to NYC before the holidays.  I was able to swing by to see the progress of the Freedom Tower.

And the memorial pools.

Where I also came upon this $2 Bill story that’ve I never heard before.

But the real reason was to meet up with the SI: East Crew and pore over the submitted stories, pair them with potential artists and map out the entire book from Page 1 to Page 216.

Isn’t our ‘lil projector for the wall cute?

Which was all fine and dandy but that also meant: Setting up the Corkboard.

The first time around, I had this set up to keep track of what went where, who turned in what and who was paid what… Wait, what?

Anyway, looking at it below – you’ll get the idea.

However this time, I remembered to avoid: confusing, multi-colored ticks and just labeled them better from the start to save myself later headaches.

Then grabbed some of these.

And went to work.

I must be nuts.

I literally received an ulcer the last time I did this in ’08.

Secret Identities: Shattered” – comin’ to you in Fall 2012 !!


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