Behind the YWO Poster

Oh boy —  you know nuthin’ good can come from those sultry looks across the couch.

The poster above was a result from the impromptu photoshoot we did a few months ago using a New Yorker poster as a placeholder.  Lynn was wearing short, shorts and a strapless top while I was… well, let’s just say I’m method and wanted to help her awkward expression be as authentic as possible.  Because I’m a giver.

As you can see the plan worked,  however she has not spoken to me since.

I’m kidding.  I wouldn’t have had the balls (pun intended).

One of my favorite shots is below – it’s very John/Yoko-esque.

Stay tuned for the premiere announcement in a few weeks!

On a side note, today marks 10 years from when we premiered BLT at Sundance 2002.  A $250,000 film funded by Dir. Justin Lin’s credit cards that went on to make over $15 Million in Box Office/DVD Sales.  He’s actually there right now as a Juror.

The place 10 years ago where film critic, Roger Ebert ignited a bidding war for the movie after chastising another critic for holding Asian American actors to a double-standard in his sweeping generalization that the film portrayed Asian Americans ‘negatively’.

I wonder how that critic would feel seeing Asians on screen with a *gasp* — libido — in “Yes, We’re Open“?


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