… is now the NEW TITLE of the game I’ve been working on for several years.  That’s not my body, btw (but thanks for wondering/humoring me).

Last month, I was called in to do some ADR/dubbing for a “live action” version of my game character (the blonde thug).  “Wait… say what?”

Then they showed me the footage below.

Holy cow.

To be honest, it literally took me a good 5 minutes to figure out if it was still my voice being used.  I printed out the lines and read it aloud many, many times to myself.  Only when I recognized my own delivery and intonation — and asking the opinion of a few friends — could I make a confirmation.

For those following along for awhile, you might remember the clip below was the original trailer (when it was with Activision and called “True Crime: Hong Kong“).

Since then, I’ve gruff’d up the voice ala Batman-style but hearing it with that huge, blonde dude mouthing my words, threw me for a bit.

But why a Live Action Trailer?  Well, according to the Marketing Peeps at “Sleeping Dogs“, “Because it’s awesome”.   Well, can’t argue with that logic.

It looks like the game is coming out in Aug 2012 and of course can be pre-ordered here.

Amazing this all started three years ago, with me wearing a uni-tard with balls.


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