Desert Scout

So the 60 minute interview last week, was very painless.  Fruit Ninja did not need to be called upon to fill time.

The host, Cerris Morgan-Moyer, was wonderful in segueing and navigating through my career better than I could’ve!  You can see the end result here.  From talking about favorite actors to producing, a pretty wide range of topics were covered.  In fact, at the end we thought we had an additional 10 minute segment and were ready to keep going.

While on the subject of producing, I just did an all-day scout in the desert a few days ago that were filled with places that looked like this:

It looked like I was walking on the surface of a giant brownie while on this Dry Lake Bed.  But then I’d be walking on the dessert and not the desert!  HA!  Get it!?!  Dessert/Desert?


Ironically, that photo above isn’t actually of me but of my fellow producer who accidentally walked into my shot and it wound up being the best photo of the day.  That’s me below with the director, Jason Miller.

The surface, although hard and cracked, actually feels quite spongy.  There’s a certain bounce to it like those rubber race tracks the ritzy high schools had when you’d compete on their track (Yes, I’m still bitter my high school track was made of plain ‘ole black asphalt.)

We were told whenever it rains, the lake bed is pretty much closed down for weeks as it basically becomes miles and miles of muddy quicksand.  And that would royally screw up any production shoot.

Quick reminder —  if you’re in LA next, next Saturday night – get your tickets to the  ‘YES, WE’RE OPEN’ May 12th screening here!


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