Behind voicing BATMAN and BANE

A friend forwarded me to a  hilarious ‘condensed’ script of ‘Dark Knight Rises’ that The Editing Room posted for

It’s pretty great how Bane’s lisp is worked into the dialogue and how the suspension of disbelief areas are totally called out.

I could really hear the characters in the dialogue, so much so that I found myself reading in their voices.

Then I just took it a step further (well, many steps), until I could go no further and made a video of me voicing BATMAN and BANE.  I wanted to voice the entire script but felt it best to just stick to the strongest two voices, or else I’d still be editing this piece.

For Bane/Tom Hardy, the recipe was a deep British version of Sean Connery and Yoda (in hindsight, a bit too much of the latter at times).  And for Batman/Bat-Bale, the secret was: 1) the tongue never touches the roof of the mouth 2) to mouth breathe the entire time 3) a pause needs to be inserted after every 1 to 4 words.

Then I ran into a potential issue with the battle in the sewer — I only had one still of them fighting.

So I used a Robert Rodriguez trick from his low budget feature, “El Mariachi” where his automatic rifle kept jamming, so he only had one shot of it firing 5 shots  and he just kept flipping the reverse of the same shot back and forth for movement.

Yes, this is what I do when I have time on my hands.  But essentially, this is exactly what I do for voice-over auditionsyelling and screaming into a microphone and then emailing it to my agent.

The only difference here is, you’re just getting to see/hear it.

Hope you enjoy!!


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